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Fludor Ghana

Fludor Ghana Limited (Fludor) was incorporated as a Licensed Buying Company (LBC) in 2014 to engage in the sourcing, internal trading, and marketing of agricultural commodities in Ghana. Today, the company operates in three soft commodities: Cocoa, Cashew and Soya bean and is planning to expand its portfolio to also include Sesame and Shea.


Fludor sources cocoa from 70 buying locations (operational districts) across all five major cocoa growing regions in Ghana: including Brong Ahafo, Central, Eastern, Western and Ashanti. With a 7% market share, the company ranks among the top 8 leading LBCs in Ghana.

Cocoa company sub-mission: “To advance cocoa production in Ghana through sustainable practices, enhancing farmer livelihoods and promoting human rights and environmental conservation. Our commitment is also about helping our customers meet compliance requirements and differentiate in the marketplace.”

2025 cocoa objectives


Fludor has been implementing sustainability programs since 2018, supporting farmers to enhance cocoa productivity and profitability while promoting community members’ ability to decent work and income and fostering environmental protection.

Fludor’s sustainability program contributes to three impact areas:

Fludor puts health in the heart of its program, recognizing that promoting health is a catalyst in establishing a more sustainable cocoa sector. Poor human health is a key driver of poverty in cocoa farming communities, impacting levels of productivity, ability to access a balanced nutrition and education, child labour rates, and natural resources’ conservation among others. Poor cocoa tree/ farm health influences levels of productivity and farmers’ income. Promoting health is crucial for enabling cocoa farming communities access decent work and income.

Fludor’s sustainability program is implemented in collaboration with a growing number of partners throughout the supply chain including clients - cocoa exporters/traders, processors and chocolate makers. In addition, Fludor offers differentiating sustainability solutions further enabling customers to meet their sustainability vision and demonstrate leadership and innovation.