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TGI Distri

TGI Distri Limited was set up in September 2017 with the primary goal of creating a world class distribution, marketing, and logistics organization with three key strategic objectives:

  1. Connecting TGI brands to the Nigerian consumers – by managing sales, marketing, and logistics for all TGI companies in the B2C space including Cormart, Chi Pharma, WACOT Rice, Chi Farms, WACOT and WASIL. While these companies will continue to focus on manufacturing world class products with the best global quality standards, TGI Distri will be the interface between the manufacturers, distributors, and consumers by offering end-to-end value chain solutions.
  2. Spearheading new product development from conceptualization to consumption through:
    • Concept ideation, consumer insights, brand planning, logistics development, product launch, and sales planning and execution.
    • Intensive market research with an objective to identify unfulfilled consumer needs
  3. Building an organization with the best international talent and a commitment to:
    • Acquiring the best global practices
    • Providing an excellent training and development platform for the local youth