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Tropical General Investments Group’s corporate responsibility and sustainability approach is based on respect for our people, our communities and our natural environment. We have developed a consistent and shared approach to corporate responsibility and our approach is three-fold:


We seek opportunities to develop new and improved products and services to meet the rapidly changing needs of our communities and consumers. Our team is focused on identifying new priorities and generating ideas that will create value within our environment. Through our innovative processes, we’ve perfected the art of producing more from fewer resources without compromising standards.


At Tropical General Investments Group, we firmly believe in responsible and sustainable sourcing and manufacturing of our products. Our success is based on continuous commitment towards the welfare and improvement of our people and communities.

Our sustainability programs across TGI Agribusiness applies a structured value chain approach to its out-grower farming initiatives. It cuts across our different value chains of Cocoa, Maize, Rice, Cotton and Soybeans. We apply a structured value chain approach to our programs.

In addition, In Nigeria, we work with about 70,000 out-grower farmers across different value chains of Maize, Soybeans, Rice, Sesame and Cotton.

We have over 150 demonstration farms established for the dissemination of good agricultural practices and mechanization of Cocoa, Maize, Rice, Cotton and Soybeans.