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For decades, TGI Group has been paving the way for a healthier tomorrow, with products that bring the bounty of nature to millions of consumers on a daily basis across the globe. We endeavour to create value and wellbeing - with opportunities for growth and development, and we consciously and consistently share this value with all our stakeholders, especially the end consumers. With Africa as our launching pad, we have been able to expand across geographies – and we still are.

Our antecedent in the blessed continent is not unrelated to Africa been endowed with a plethora of natural resources and a people who are a kaleidoscope of races and ethnicities.

This has inspired us to keep creating and nurturing industries using the abundant natural resources, thereby creating jobs and ultimately, customer satisfaction and economic prosperity.

We have remained committed to our mission to grow our market share sustainably and responsibly while fulfilling our consumers' needs through innovative product offerings – a heritage which we have carried through all of our business operations even outside Africa.

We invest not just in factories, but in people. From employment creation which gives us our strongest asset, to a partnership with our communities, farmers, and many others, we strongly believe that only through collaboration can we get results. After all, Together Everyone Achieves More.

With innovation in the mix, we will continue to meet and exceed consumers’ expectations through our numerous offerings and brands. “The consumer is at the center of all we do” is, therefore, a maxim that we follow with great determination.

C.G.Vink (MFR)
Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group