Lagos, October 11, 2019.  Terra Seasoning Cubes has launched an ambitious Food Security and Corporate Social Responsibility initiative – Terra Cares4Naija, to make a difference in the lives of 10,000+ people across Lagos State. This initiative will commence on the World Food Day (October 16, 2019).

According to the United Nations report, more than one billion people are undernourished globally while under nutrition is to blame for one-third of all child deaths. One in eight people is suffering from chronic hunger. As per reports, Nigeria has the highest number of people below poverty line in entire Africa and 53.5% Nigerians live less than $1.90/day. This year, the World Food Day calls for action across sectors to make healthy and sustainable diets affordable and accessible to everyone.

Terra Seasoning Cubes, launched in April this year, is now taking an initiative towards making a difference in the lives of these vulnerable and underprivileged people by providing nourishing food to them.

Addressing a press conference in Lagos, Marketing Manager of TGI Distri Limited (Marketers of Terra Seasoning Cubes, Big Bull Rice, Renew fabric care range amongst others), Mr. Govind Agarwal said this initiative is true to the values which make TGI group, a responsible business in the Nigerian Society. Through the Terra Cares4Naija initiative, the business will positively impact society and give back to the community where it operates. Commencing from October 16 which is celebrated globally as the World Food Day, Terra will be reaching out to 1000+ people every Saturday for 10+ weeks across different parts of Lagos and provide them with nutritious food. In all, it will impact 10,000+ lives during this period and increase access to quality food amongst communities. “We believe that a healthy population is an asset to a nation; hence we are at the fore in driving the conversation on the need to eat right and cook with the right seasoning which Terra Cube offers. The importance of good nutrition in raising a healthy family cannot be overemphasized”, Agarwal said.

“Terra Seasoning Cubes is a true cooking seasoning sensation allowing everybody to enjoy the great taste. Terra Seasoning Cubes have particularly been designed to meet the palate requirements of all Nigerians especially in terms of aroma and flavor. It is available in two variants: Beef and Chicken, in sizes of single cubes of 4gm. They are also designed to preserve the aroma of meals during and after cooking”, he added.

TGI Distri Limited is a member of the TGI Group, the conglomerate that produced reputable companies like Chi Limited and iconic brands like Chivita & Hollandia. TGI group also has subsidiaries like Cormart, West Africa Cotton Company (WACOT), Chi Farms amongst others that produced strong national brands like Renew Starch and Big Bull Rice etc.

TGI Distri Limited is the distribution, sales and marketing arm of TGI Group companies and is the marketer of Terra seasoning, Big Bull Rice, Renew Starch, Shine All Dish washing Liquid, Shine All Scouring powder and many other notable brands. TGI Distri is also the fulcrum and catalyst for innovation and New Product Development for the TGI Group.